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IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy

What we offer

Help your body recover from the stresses everyday life puts on it with our IV Vitamin Infusion Therapy.

Relax in our clinic knowing you are being cared for by medical professionals.

We offer two options: 1000mL of Normal Saline via IV administration or a Modified Myer’s Cocktail containing 1000mL of Normal Saline with 10 vitamins and minerals infused.

This service is by appointment only. Please call (979) 764-2882 to schedule. Each IV takes about 1 hour from start to finish, so please plan accordingly.

Modified Myers’ Cocktail

Magnesium Increases energy while reducing anxiety
Vitamin B12 Keeps nerves and red blood cells healthy
Vitamin C Boosts the immune system
Niacinamide Helps reduce chances of heart disease and signs of aging
Dexpanthenol Reduces effects of asthma, anxiety, and allergies
Calcium Maintains blood sugar levels, bone density, and muscle function
Vitamin B6 Boosts mood and maintains sleep cycle
Thiamine Supports nervous system and cardiovascular system
Riboflavin Increases energy production


For those with symptoms of nausea and/or aches and pains, we offer additional medications to treat these symptoms for a fee of $10.

Health Benefits

Even without the vitamins and minerals, the Normal saline will help hydrate the body.
The Myers’ Cocktail has been used to control conditions such as asthma, migraines, long term fatigue, depression, and many other illnesses.

IV administration of the vitamins and minerals allows the body’s tissues to absorb them more efficiently and at much higher dosages than if we were to take oral supplements alone.

Pricing (Self Pay Only) HSA Accepted

1000mL of Normal Saline——————————————-$49
1000mL Modified Myers’ Cocktail———————————-$99